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Trevoyages - 2019

Our 2019 Camps will open soon for early registration as we are gearing up for another exciting season of Camps!  

2019 has a lot in store for Trevoyages. 

If you are age 24-74, we have a Camp for you!

-----Camps run in April----

See below for sample schedule

The Big Rides

At each camp we do a highly recommended (but optional) night away from our base.  We spend this night in a Monastery at the top of Randa and do a long ride to get there and another long ride the day after.  We call this "The Big Ride".  On day one of The Big Ride we will do two intermediate climbs, the second one being the climb up to the Monastery at Randa.  On day two of The Big Ride we do an intermediate climb such as Valdemossa or Col de Soller followed by one of the two Cat 1 Climbs (Sa Calobra and Puig Major).

Sample Itinerary

Our Camps run in the Spring and focus on Cycling.  We attract both Cyclists and Triathletes. Triathletes will have time before and after cycling for swim/run training on most days, and many people will take at least one extra day off in addition to Day 4, since most are jumping from 100 km of cycling per week to 500 – 700 km in the 8 days of a single Camp.

---Actual Cycling depends on the weather and advice of the guides as to road conditions, rider abilities and other variables ---

Day 1

Get Bikes
Bike Skills and
Group Ride Skills Session
Ride to Petra 60 - 75 km;
Coffee stop Petra

Opening Evening Reception

Day 2

Bike Skills and 
Group Ride Skills Session
Ride to Betlem
75 - 90 km;
Coffee stop Arta

Day 3

Pre-Ride Stretching
Ride Foothills, 100 km;
Coffee stop Campanet or Sineu
Afternoon Cafe con Leche and Strawberry Cake on Boardwalk

Day 4

Ride: Bunyola / Oriente (Cat 2 Climb) 90 to 110 km; 
Coffee stop Oriente 

After Dinner Group Meeting to discuss any changes to Rides, Schedule, or other issues

Day 5

Day Off: Rent Cars and explore the Island or hang at Can Picafort.

We often go to Puig Major (highest point on Island), lunch at fabulous restaurant in Diea (UNESCO Heritage Site) or go to Palma for sites, shopping and a meal.

Day 6

Camp 1: Can Picafort to San Salvador (Category (Cat) 2 Climb) to Randa (Cat 2 Climb), 105 –125 km;

Stay overnight in Monastery on top of Randa.

Day 7

Camp 1: Randa to Bunyola, over Col de Soller (Cat 2 Climb), into Porto de Soller, lunch in Porto de Soller, Ferry to Sa Calobra, and climb Sa Calobra (Cat 1 Climb), back to Can Picafort via Pollencia 120 km horizontal and a few more km vertical!

Wrap Up Dinner away from Hotel

Day 8

Pre-Ride Stretching
Ride: Cappuccino Ride to Petra or Sineu - 60 km