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Answers to all of the most frequently asked questions are here.

Your Questions Answered...

  • What types of bikes can I expect to ride?

    The bike rental shop we partner with is constantly changing their stock and camps are during peak cycling season when stock can be low.  Our standard bike ia carbon frame with Shimano 105 or Ultegra.

  • Can I bring my own bike?

    Certainly.  Every year we have 2-3 people who choose to bring their own bikes.

    Please let us know as soon as you can if you plan on bringing your own bike.  We do not allow people to rent bikes from other suppliers in Mallorca.

  • Can I rent a bike from somewhere else on the island?

    Unfortunately, no.  We have an excusive deal with our bike rental shop which help keep the overall cost of the trip low.

  • What kind of weather can I expect?

    Mallorca averages a high of 19C and a low of 12C in April, with an average temperature of 15C.

    There are normally 5 rainy days in April, and an average of 10 hours of sunshine every day.

  • How much does a lunch or beer cost in Mallorca?

    A 1/2 liter of beer is close to $3.

    Depending on what you consider "lunch", this could be between $2 for a sandwich and $14 for  sit-down meal.

    Cappuccinos and Lattes cost close to $2.50

  • Can I come to Mallorca early or stay late?

    Certainly! However, if you are not participating in a full Camp you may be booked into a sister hotel.

     If you are hoping to add on a few extra days of cycling, please indicate on your booking form and we will contact you and see if we can make those arrangements.

  • What distances and elevations can I expect?

    While every group in each Camp may ride different routes, expect between 60-140 kms per day (see the pricing page for the Sample Itinerary) and elevation gains of 400-2500m depending on the day.

  • Do I have to ride every day?

    No, of course not.  However, we run a Cycling Camp not a bike tour, so we anticipate that you're coming ready to ride, having trained over the previous months and ready to give Camp your best effort.

  • What sort of gear do I need to bring?

    We send out a packing list in the weeks leading up to camp, but the shortlist is: appropriate clothes, helmet, bike shoes, bike pedals, and anything else you like to take riding.